I4S has a diverse clientele; both local and international. Some of our current and  completed projects are summarized below.

In-Depth Study of the TVT & Higher Education Ecosystem Linked to Skills Demands in the Horticulture Labor Market for Improved Food & Nutrition Security in Ethiopia

Client: The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation
Location: Amhara, Oromia, and Sidama regions

The objective of this in-depth study is to identify key players in the TVT and Higher Education ecosystem in Ethiopia, their role and the challenges they face in providing youth with the right skills to successfully engage in the horticultural labor market. This study will lay the foundation for the design of a multi-annual capacity development program that supports the identified TVT and Higher Education actors and other key partners and stakeholders to prepare the youth with employability skills as demanded by the horticultural labor market. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the increased production and availability of vegetables and fruits in the market in order to improve the food and nutrition security situation across Ethiopia.


Environmental Education and Awareness in Sidama Region

Client: PUR
Location: Sidama region

In this assignment, I4S developed environmental education manuals for Training of Trainers (ToT) training for cooperatives, high-school students, and district extension team leaders working on agroforestry and environmental protection. Moreover, I4S organized and facilitated workshops, field trips, and panel discussions for high-school students, cooperatives, and government offices in Alete Wondo, Dale, Hawela, Shebedino, and Wonsho districts of Sidama region in order to raise awareness on environmental impacts and protection.

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Gender Assessment in 5 Agricultural Value Chains

Client: TechnoServe
Location: Oromia, Sidama and SNNPR Regions

I4S conducted a gender-responsive value chain analysis in 5 horticultural value chains (avocado, banana, mango, tomato and onion) for one of TechnoServe’s projects. The main objectives of the gender assessment were to identify the constraints and opportunities faced by women and men of different ages across the horticulture market system. Our assessment identified what specific knowledge, attitudes, cultural norms, and behavioral biases affect women and men that work along the five priority crops. Inclusive business models were developed to showcase viable business opportunities for women and youth in each value chain.


Facilitating Sustainable Supply Chains for a Commercial Farm Enterprise through Youth Employment, Enterprising and Skills Development

Client: First Consult
Location: South West Ethiopia Peoples Region

Under this assignment, I4S was tasked to create sustainable supply chains for a commercial farm enterprise through labor linkage and by facilitating B2B linkages with suppliers and service providers. This also included on-the-job training for youth farm workers on good agricultural practice, business development, life skills and work ethics as well as facilitation of youth apprenticeships within the commercial farm. The project was part of a larger program called BRIDGES, which is being funded by MasterCard Foundation and implemented by First Consult with an overarching goal to create 600,000 jobs and 15,000 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

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